Toronto Underground Market (aka TUM)

Toronto Underground Market (aka TUM)

After waiting in line at the Brick Works for half an hour, we’re in! Let the feast begin. Here are some gluten-free highlights from our inaugural TUM adventure.



I had the chickpea and fava bean stew on a bed of hummus topped with pickled beet turnip and parsley and drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice with a sprinkle of sesame seeds (on the left). Like its description, it was a heavenly mouthful of Middle Eastern gluten-free goodness (minus the pitas). On the right is the carnivore version: braised beef rib and hummus.


Then we hit up Neptuno Oysters for a little aphrodisiac appetizer with a kick of horseradish and cocktail sauce and a squeeze of fresh lemon.


My man inhales a tasty oyster!


To cleanse our palates, we paid a visit to Janet & Mel at Augie’s Gourmet Ice Pops.


“Killer ice pops made with freshly squeezed juice and love.” What more does a gal need on a hot summer night?


How to choose from all these juicy flavours? I went with the concord grape + key lime…so refreshing, sweet and tart at the same time!


Next stop, yummy gluten-free taco stand Santo Pecado.


Note the small print at the bottom of the sign! (I ate the vegan combo before I could photograph it.)


For dessert we made a beeline over to the Bix Bakery booth, where we met owner Christy Conte, whose coconut milk ice cream is both gluten and dairy free…and simply divine! (And how cute is their sign??)


We ended the evening with a scoop of maple roasted banana ice cream (it was a toss up between that and blueberry basil) topped with orange balsamic berries. And we couldn’t resist the chocolate salted caramel truffles from Laura Slack Chocolates. We took two to go and they literally exploded in our mouths! Sweet dreams! And thanks to all for the TUM-my love!

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  1. Bix Bakery says:

    Thanks, RonniLyn – It was great to meet you finally. Bix Bakery is so looking forward to being at Gluten Free Garage in November!

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