testimonials from GFG


Amazing job! The marketing before the event, the organization, setup, volunteers and diversity of product was first rate. We were very proud to be part of this successful event.  The friends that I brought were happy they attended and everyone bought a variety of items. Thanks for including us!
—Peter Neal, Neal Brothers


You built it and they came! What a great turnout—you did a fabulous job of getting the word around and we reaped the rewards in sales and promotion! The show was so well orchestrated, the venue was unique and artistic, and the setup was clean and functional. You did a fantastic job and you made our brands look great! We look forward to partaking in event again.
—Robyn Kay, GAGA For Gluten-Free


The day was a huge success: your vendors were happy, your attendees were happy, even your volunteers were happy! We loved meeting so many customers face to face and speaking to new customers and seeing their reactions when they discovered our products. It was also a wonderful experience for our sons, who really got to understand what we do and were able to be a part of it. Please put us down for next year!
—Jodi Bager, Grain-Free JK Gourmet


Antipastos Kitchen has been a vendor at both Gluten Free Garage events and they are awesome (and keep getting better)! The crowds are big, enthusiastic and passionate, and as a result our sales have been huge. Aside from money, just getting to interact with such a passionate audience of consumers is a wonderful way to build brand awareness and support. GFG’s location at the Artcape Wychwood Barns is a real competitive advantage. Unlike most trade shows at large, impersonal halls, GFG is held in a friendly, intimate and community-oriented location that really promotes healthy and delicious living. We love GFG and will be thrilled to participate in all future events.
—Richard Meloff, Antipastos Kitchen


Overall, everything ran very well. The morning set-up support was fantastic, the volunteers were attentive and helpful, and the event was well promoted. I liked that I was positioned next to non-competitive products; we supported each other throughout the day. Thanks again for all your efforts. I’m now in some stores around town and this is due in large part to my success at your event.
—Christy Conte, Bix Bakery


We all had a blast! The space is so lovely and it was the best-run, most seamless event we’ve been a part of—the entire day from the load in the load out was amazing. We were all talking about it the whole day: how amazing all the volunteers were and how smooth the day went. We enjoyed meeting the other vendors and all of the people and being a part of a lively marketplace. Thank you for having us join in on this great day! We’d be quite happy to be invited back again.
—Tori Vaccher, Tori’s Bakeshop


Well organized, well staffed (they were all a pleasure to deal with), well thought out, well attended, perfect venue…well done!
—Gordon Fenwick, Goodbye Gluten


We found the event a breeze—well organized, easy to navigate in terms of setting up our table and it was well promoted. The “vibe” of the event was just great and we had blast. A few people signed up for the service and a bunch of people signed up for our newsletter—a fantastic result for us! The lead-in time was great for us, we had lots of time to prepare staffing and the space was wonderful (who can’t love the Wychwood Barns?). We’d love to be invited to your next event.
—Michaela Temmen, Front Door Organics


The Toronto Gluten Free Garage was a smashing success and a treasured delight to be a part of! The event brought together the local Toronto gluten-free community, along with a diverse range of homegrown businesses offering healthy gluten-free foods. There was a true atmosphere of caring and community all under one roof; a rare feel-good, tummy-love experience.


It was a pleasure to be part of the Gluten Free Garage. It was extremely well organized and publicized. The volunteers, visitors and vendors were a joy to be with. We would love to be a part of future GFG events.
—Tony Sabherwal, Magic Oven


Once again you and your team outdid yourselves. Great event and looking forward to the fall. Cannot think of anything you could do better.
—Michael Besser, Sweet Everythings


Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of the event! I am glad it was so successful and I hope to participate in future events with you. I loved that you had volunteers come by with coffee—that was a nice touch! The event was very well organized and I look forward to another pop-up market!
—Jax X, Gluten Free Ontario


Thank you for making me a part of your event. It was a great day. A lot of people came up to me and said that RonniLyn wanted them to meet me, so thank you for the referrals. As well, the event was very organized, the venue was amazing, and I think people had a great time. Personally, my family had a blast! My daughter got to walk around and pick and choose (choice??? What a concept for a kid with Type 1 diabetes and celiac!!!) and she really had fun. All of your hard work paid off! Congratulations!
—JoAnne Bennett Mirsky, Gluten-Free Consultant


It was a great experience for me to be a part of the Gluten Free Garage. Thank you for the opportunity to share the Epicure products with others. Consumers who come to the Gluten Free Garage are looking for gluten-free products they can trust. It was an ideal venue to showcase and educate the gluten-free community about the gluten-free product line I represent. The market was very well organized with a good variety of vendors.
—Jaime Plain, Epicure Selections


Thank you for such a great event. We had a really great time and were thoroughly impressed with your team and how organized everything was. We’ve done a few events since the launch of our business, and yours tops our list of great experiences.
—Stephanie Duong, KEO Confiserie


The event was great! We love that it was a local, urban marketplace with a great vibe. After all, O’Doughs is from Toronto.
—Brodie Helsdon, O’Doughs



When I lived in the Wychwood area, I came upon the Gluten Free Garage by accident on my daily stroll and I almost cried. I walked in and was just in awe by it all—that everything was gluten free—and I felt normal for the first time in a long time. I ate so many samples I could hardly breathe. You bring light to so many people’s lives with this event and all the hard work you put into it is surely appreciated by many.
—Sarah Maughan, holistic nutritionist


The Gluten Free Garage understands quality. The organizers handpick vendors, guest speakers and industry people for quality and distinctiveness. Finding something new, different and incredibly tasty is never a problem at this “tummy love” event. It is this novel diversity that sets the Gluten Free Garage apart from the rest. If you only go to one gluten-free event this year, this is the one you do not want to miss. I know I won’t!
—Paula Cooper, founder and CEO of Dine Aware


I’ve attended two Gluten Free Garage events in Toronto and each time I have walked away with a bag full of new and exciting products. I do not have celiac disease, nor am I strictly gluten free. I am someone who is interested in healthy eating and wholesome products that don’t sacrifice taste. And for that, the Gluten Free Garage cannot be beat. The vendors are friendly and I appreciate being able to sample products before I commit to purchasing them. I also love the variety of products available; there’s everything from gluten-free Asian and Mexican food to cookies and cupcakes that my kids devoured. Looking forward to attending the next one!
Amanda Kushnir


I’ve been a diagnosed celiac for the past 18 years. I started off buying my food at small health food stores (and SickKids Hospital) and watched was available go from nothing to a huge array of gluten-free choices. I really thought I knew every GF brand around, but when I went to the Gluten Free Garage I was introduced to so many new ones! I had a field day with the samples made available to me (without worry!) and left with so many new fantastic baked goods, soups and other stuff (when was the last time I could have a potato/leek galette?!). I’m so thrilled that GFG is around to keep me in the know of all that’s new and available in the world of gluten free!
—Lisa Diamond


Gluten Free Garage was a fantastic event. As the mother of two newly diagnosed celiac kids, I felt like a (celiac) kid in a (gluten-free) candy store. It was a tremendous boon to have all these wonderful gluten-free resources under one roof and to connect with Toronto’s gluten-free community. It was also such a treat to be able to say yes to my kids all day—for once, there wasn’t a single food item in the venue that they couldn’t sample if they liked. With knowledgeable vendors, friendly staff and high-quality products, it was clear that a huge amount of work, organization and attention to detail had gone into making the event a success. Can’t wait for the next one!
—Laura Cavanaugh


My husband and I recently opened Ruby’s Pantry, a gluten-free store in London, Ontario. We attended  your show in the fall and were at today’s show. You are doing a great job bringing fabulous vendors together and we love the venue! The November show encouraged us to open our store and the show today reaffirmed our decision to go into business. We connected with even more exciting new suppliers today! Thank you for bringing so many gluten-free small businesses together. When we support each other, we rock!
—Ruth-Anne Drennan Strickert, Ruby’s Pantry


Congratulations on a wonderful event!! WOW!! My children and I were happy to attend and support such a worthwhile and optimistic event bringing awareness to gluten-free living. I was glad to see that there was excellent attendance and interest. As I encourage gluten-free options to my patients and try to inspire those with celiac disease to benefit from the amazing resources in Toronto, I felt your event was a tremendous celebration of the abundance of these gluten-free resources. I imagine it was a huge effort to pull it all together and it was very well promoted. I sensed a very positive energy at the Gluten Free Garage. You and your team obviously put a thorough and thoughtful effort into organizing a well-planned event and it was ultimately enjoyable and successful.
—Christine Matheson, ND (Naturopathic Doctor)


My daughter (12) and I (a celiac) attended the inaugural Gluten Free Garage. In short, it was absolutely fabulous!! You did an amazing job and the event was obviously a huge success. Loved all the real food, sauces, pizzas, sushi, classes offered, and OMG the GF consultants—hallelujah!! Why does everyone think we want sweets and treats? We want real food!! Thank you for putting on a great show. We will DEFINITELY be back next year.
—Heidi Clapham


Today I attended the most amazing gluten-free event I have ever attended, the Gluten Free Garage at the Wychwood Barns. I was diagnosed with celiac disease as a baby and have lived on a gluten-free diet my entire life. We arrived around 11 o’clock and it was already quite busy. By the time we were ready to leave at 1 o’clock, some of the vendors had run out of some of the stuff they were advertising and selling. What a testament that is to the awesome publicity for, and presentation of, this event. The aisles were full of people looking, tasting and buying. The vendors I spoke to were friendly and knowledgeable. The assortment of vendors was varied and covered everything from body products to main-course foods to snacks and sweets. This was a remarkable event, kudos to RonniLyn Pustil and the rest of the people involved. This was an amazing venue that allowed gluten-free suppliers an opportunity to raise awareness for what is available to everyone who came out in a relaxed environment that they were obviously comfortable in. I hope that when the organizers evaluate the success of this event they find that it was as successful as it looked to me as a person with celiac disease who was simply looking to expand my awareness of the products available to me.
—Rita Moskovitz