summer salad #2

Fennel, peach and sunflower seeds


This crunchy salad was inspired by my dear friend Debbie (aka Bella). It’s all hers, with a couple of additions that were calling out to me. Debbie worships Giada, can effortlessly whip up a gourmet meal and gets pleasure from feeding the people she loves. And she loves to eat good food.

Reason #26 I love Bella: ECHOage. She and her business partner, Alison, have changed the face of birthday parties with ECHOage – an online birthday party service where children learn the value of giving and receiving while celebrating. If you haven’t heard of it and you have kids, it’s your lucky day. Trust me, it’s so good it’s become a verb (as in, “I ECHOaged Lily’s party”). This year, for Lily’s 6th birthday, she got to pick the charity of her choice from the ECHOage website. She chose WWF-Canada (World Wildlife Fund Canada)
because “I love nature and I love animals.” Half of the money that her party guests (well, their parents) contributed online went to WWF-Canada and the other half went to a Razor scooter with pink handlebars and some charms for her charm bracelet. Lily felt good about making a difference and she feels good riding her scooter. And I feel proud of her.

Fennel, peach and sunflower seed salad

cherry tomatoes
sunflower seeds
olive oil
fresh lemon juice
dash of tabasco
salt and fresh cracked pepper to taste

Thanks, Bella!