would you like poutine with that?

would you like poutine with that?

Fries and cheese curds and gravy, oh my!

Fries and cheese curds and gravy, oh my!


A trip to the Gluten Free Garage just isn’t complete without stopping by the Hero Burgers food truck for the best poutine this side of Papineau. Our favourite corner spot for gluten-free (and hormone- and antibiotic-free) burgers and buns, HB has our carnivorous cravings covered all over town. Thanks to this short-order saviour, there are plenty of GF options to choose from, but note that not all locations offer the gluten-free poutine—made in a dedicated fryer with trans-fat-free canola oil—so be sure to ask before ordering (the Colossus and Yonge & Shephard restaurants have them). We’re purists when it comes to poutine so we stick with the traditional dish, but for the more adventurous, Hero Burgers serves up four different flavours: beef, mushroom, garden and Caesar.


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Available at all locations across the GTA!



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  1. Mo Jangda says:

    Hero Burger’s fries have previously been dusted or dipped in some type of flour-y batter. (Note that fries aren’t listed on the Gluten Free menu above.) Is that changed now or only with the locations that do the gluten free poutine?

    • RonniLyn says:

      According to Hero Burgers, their fries are naturally gluten free and are not coated in any flour. However, at some locations they are made in the same fryer as the onion rings and other gluten-containing products, so there is a risk of cross contamination. That is why they are not listed on the GF menu. The fries and poutine that Hero Burgers will be serving up at Gluten Free Garage will be made in a dedicated fryer and will therefore be safe for people who are gluten free. You can check out HB’s allergen page at:

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