apples of my eye

We went apple picking this weekend, our favourite fall ritual. It’s that time of year when I break out my famous Apple Brown Bessie (named after my late great aunt Bessie) and it’s always more fun to pick the apples than buy them. This year there were slim pickings. Because of the mild weather last March
followed by a heavy April frost, there is an apple shortage this season. The heat and lack of rain in late spring and summer didn’t help. Up to 80% of the crop was wiped out. So the apple-picking season is shorter and many varieties are not available. Very few farms are offering pick-your-own apples.

Organics Family Farm in Markham was one of them. After reading Five
Reasons to Eat Organic Apples
(did you know that the average conventionally grown apple has more pesticide residue on it than any other fruit or veggie?) and getting tipped off about Organics Farm, we hit the road. It felt so good to get outside in nature.


lotsa GF at the Veg Food Fest

This past Sunday we went to the 28th Vegetarian Food Festival at Harbourfront Centre. Hosted by the Toronto Vegetarian Association, it’s billed as the largest vegetarian festival in the world! We went in search of some gluten-free goodness. Lily brought along her business card.


We started things off with a strawberry, banana and pineapple smoothie.


Next stop: lunch at Live Organic Food Bar‘s booth.


the Bitches are bitchin’

Today the Gourmet Bitches hit King West! And, yes, I stood in this line in a parking lot on this hot day to get up close and personal to the Bitches…and to taste their gourmet gluten-free truck eats.


Luckily, my dear old friend Callum joined me in the queue and we got caught up while waiting to order our food. Nobody seemed to mind the line-up. These Bitches have a reputation that precedes them!


The Bitches, aka Shontelle Pinch and Bianka Matchett, dished it out – and sweated it out – in their styling truck.


Bitchin fish tacos!


Crispy polenta-battered white fish, crunchy apple, carrot and purple slaw in a soft corn tortilla with a squeeze of fresh lime. What more is there to say?