happiness is…

Lily at Hero Burger

Burger bliss!


Lily taking a bite out of her gluten-free Hero burger – on a bun!

When Hero Burger landed in the Forest Hill Village, it was only a matter of time before we made our entrance. Besides being free of hormones and antibiotics, all the beef burgers are also gluten free! On the counter was a laminated listing all of the gluten-free options from the menu. Burger, check. Bun, check. Ketchup, check. Dill pickle, check. Fries, no such luck. We were told that even though the fries contained no gluten and were made in a separate fryer, they couldn’t be guaranteed gluten free because of the possibility of cross contamination (“an onion ring could have fallen into the oil by mistake”). For the love of fries, Lily was willing to take her chances and we thought that was a safe,
informed decision. A yummy time was had by all.