dessert got its Groove back!

We thought we scored when we tasted LPK’s Culinary Groove‘s warm and fluffy gluten-free sweet potato donuts tossed in maple sugar at the Evergreen Brick Works a couple of weeks ago. Mmmm…

They were so freaking good that we had to pay a visit to LPK’s storefront
bakery on Queen East. As of July, this organic bakery’s kitchen is 100% gluten free! (In case you’re wondering, as I was, LPK stands for “little punk kid,” owner Lesia Kohut’s university nickname.)

We hit the motherlode of gluten-free goodness!

Back at home we feasted on the oat chocolate chip cookies, mini lemon meringue pie and their award-winning vanilla Nanaimo bars (see the ribbons in the photo above).

Lily took one look at the plate and asked somewhat skeptically: “Are these all gluten free??”

Franny took one bite of the lemon meringue pie and exclaimed: “I’m dying of it, mommy, I’m really dying.”

And, as I write this blog entry, I am taking a bite out of this perfect cookie and drinking a cup of Mother’s Little Helper from DavidsTea (“one sip is like a day at the spa”) and I couldn’t be happier. Sweet dreams!