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would you like poutine with that?

  A trip to the Gluten Free Garage just isn’t complete without stopping by the Hero Burgers food truck for the best poutine this side of Papineau. Our favourite corner spot for gluten-free (and hormone- and antibiotic-free) burgers and buns, HB has our carnivorous cravings covered all over town. Thanks to this short-order saviour, there are plenty of GF options to choose from, but note that not all locations offer the gluten-free poutine—made in a…
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5 things making me happy this week

Some are gluten free, some have nothing to do with gluten at all.          

5 things that made me happy last week

 Some are gluten free, some have nothing to do with gluten at all.          

gluten freedom week

Next week marks Toronto’s very first Gluten Freedom Week. In a nutshell, GFW is Summerlicious for people who can’t (or choose not to) eat gluten. Participating restaurants will offer patrons a three-course prix fixe gluten-free menu at varying price points ($25-$45). With her event, GFW organizer Rachael Hunt, who has a gluten allergy, aims to “bring back the joy of dining out for those of us suffering from gluten in one way or another.” Hey,…
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did somebody say poutine?!

  A BIG thank you to Hero Certified Burgers for being a sponsor of the Gluten Free Garage for the 3rd time! We need a Hero!

an ode to Chinese food (plus fried rice recipe)

  Growing up in my family our Sunday night ritual was going out for Chinese food. We rotated among four popular Chinese restaurants in Toronto: House of Chan, China House, Young Lok and Lichee Garden. I have such good memories of those delicious Sunday night dinners. Often my grandparents or some family friends with kids our age would join us and we’d all sit around a big, round table with a lazy Susan and share…
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