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gluten-free gratitude for #GFG18

We know we say this every year, but this year’s Gluten Free Garage was truly the best! We couldn’t have done it without our super sponsors. ♥︎  ♥︎  ♥︎ A   H U G E   T H A N K   Y O U   T O : Our lead sponsor Italpasta—hands down the best gluten-free pasta on the market! A GFG sponsor since 2013, this year not only were they a platinum sponsor and brought three different…
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from the mouth of a gf babe

  A few things about her: She likes to read, draw and swim. She takes dance lessons (hip hop) and plays on a basketball team. She speaks French. She has a younger sister who is the bomb. She loves her tiny dog Chiquita. Her favourite food is rice (brown and white)—in sushi, fried or just plain steamed. Her favourite subject in school is math. She has celiac disease. She was diagnosed when she was three.…
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Fries before guys

    This year Gluten Free Garage is hosting an unprecedented number of vegan and vegetarian vendors. But we know that there are many gluten-free carnivores out there who will be asking: “Where’s the beef?” Enter Hero Certified Burgers. You know what my beef is with Hero Burgers? Their french fries, which themselves are gluten free, are made in a shared fryer, so there is a risk of cross-contamination. Hence, my daughter, and everyone else…
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gluten-free road trip

  Being new to the “Zipsterhood,” I wasn’t sure how this car sharing would all play out, but becoming a member and picking up the car was a piece of (gluten-free) cake! Literally, you can be sitting behind the wheel of a vehicle in 4 simple steps: 1) Join Zipcar. 2) Reserve a car. 3) Unlock the door (with your Zipcar card). 4) Drive! You can drive by the hour or the day, with gas,…
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