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hooray for Hollywood

  Rob declared this the best gluten-free lasagna we’ve had yet. The girls licked their plates clean. I had seconds. It was the usual recipe, so what made this lasagna different from all other lasagnas I’ve made? The pasta was fresh. I took the noodles out of the package and simply started layering. No muss, no fuss. No starchy, slippery, wet noodles falling apart or sticking together. If you’ve ever boiled gluten-free lasagna noodles, you…
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mind your muffins


summer salad #6

  File under: More yummy things to do with basil.

first came the crust

  This is the story of how I learned to make gluten-free pizza crust. Last fall I had the good fortune to meet gluten-free consultant JoAnne Bennett Mirsky and culinary nutritionist Marni Wasserman at a gluten-free cooking class that they taught together. I diced, I sliced and then I ate like a queen. Every bite I took was healthy, nutritious and absolutely delicious. It was so good that a couple of months later I brought Rob…
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pesto pizza

  Click here for the homemade pesto recipe.         If you have time to make your own pizza crust, it’s well worth the effort! Stay tuned for a recipe that’s easy as pie from Toronto-based gluten-free consultant JoAnne Bennett Mirsky.    

the perfect popcorn

  It was a rainy day. I promised the girls if it was raining after camp we would run outside in our bare feet and do a rain dance. But by the time I picked them up the rain had stopped, so our plan was kiboshed. Instead we did the second-best rainy day activity: made a fort, popped some popcorn and watched a movie (How to Train Your Dragon). I bought a bag of Passion…
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