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the gluten-free donut is the new cupcake

A sight for sore eyes on Queen East.

We paid a visit to one of the new vendors who will be at the Gluten Free Garage: Tori’s Bakeshop, a sight for sore eyes on Queen East in the Beaches.


From the confectionary storefront...

From the confectionary storefront… the eye-catching mason jar lights...

…to the eye-catching mason jar lights, Tori’s is not only warm and inviting…


We never have donuts.

They’ve also perfected the gluten-free version of this Canadian staple!


Franny went pink-a-licious with sprinkles on top.

Franny goes pink-a-licious with sprinkles on top.


And I chose a chocolate raised with sprinkles.

I have my eye on a chocolate glazed.


The best cornbread ever.

On a more savoury note, this is the Best. Cornbread. Ever.



Sisters and official GFG taste-testers give Tori’s fresh-baked goodies four thumbs up!


Tori’s is not a gluten-free bakery but they take enormous precaution to ensure that cross-contamination does not occur. They are well aware of the importance of this, they have an extensive list of practices and strategies about it for their staff, and they clearly list all ingredients on a tag next to each baked good. As such I consider their bakery to be celiac friendly. Lily has enjoyed their delicious baked goods on several occasions and has felt nothing but tummy love.


my gluten-free girl turns lucky 7

To celebrate, Lily and I had a lunch date at our favourite neighbourhood gluten-free friendly restaurant, Cocoa Latte.

To celebrate, I picked Lily up from school at lunchtime and we had a date at Cocoa Latte, our favourite gluten-free-friendly restaurant in the ‘hood.


I ordered cinnamon sugar donuts from Bunner's Bakeshop for Lily's class. She and a friend in her class are gluten free, another girl in their class is dairy and egg free, and the entire school is nut free.

Then it was back to school, where we shared a box of cinnamon sugar donuts from Bunner’s Bakeshop with Lily’s class. She and a friend are gluten free, another girl in their class is dairy and egg free, and the entire school is nut free. I was reluctant to bake something at home…just in case. Thank goodness for Bunner’s! Lily and her friends gobbled up these finger-lickin’ fresh baked babies. Yes, a vegan, gluten- and nut-free donut can taste this good!


We had some leftover donuts so we stuck 8 candles in them and had them again for dessert.

Lucky for us, some kids in Lily’s class didn’t show up to school. After dinner the birthday girl made a wish and blew out her candles. We sang happy birthday and then enjoyed some leftover donuts for dessert. Hey, you only turn 7 seven once.


Me and the birthday girl

Me and the birthday girl xo


 Bunner’s is returning to the Gluten Free Garage on April 28th with their famous gluten-free and vegan baked goods!

Lily took a walk on the gluten side


Lily got glutened last week and then again last night. This is what happened.

Last week she had an impromptu play date after school at a friend’s house. She didn’t eat one of the snacks that I had packed her for school so I sent it along so she would have something to eat. When I picked her up, she told me that she ate the best gluten-free snack and I had to buy it because it was so super yummy. She said she remembers it from before she went gluten free. (I’m thinking that sure is a lasting impression because she was diagnosed with celiac when she was 3!) Now they have a gluten-free version, she said, and we have to get it! I was excited that she was so excited about this new delicious gluten-free snack. She said that the package was in the garbage because all the kids had finished them off. A gluten-free snack scarfed up by all the kids! This must really be good. I asked her friend’s caregiver if I could see the package. Out of the garbage can came a box of Tofutti Cuties. Wow, I thought, they’ve made a gluten-free version?!! It’s not every day you see a gluten-free ice-cream sandwich, even if it isn’t made with real ice cream.

I quickly scanned the box for the “GF” words, those two words that Lily knows so well how to spell and read. Nowhere to be found. I turned the box over and went straight to the ingredient list. The first ingredient of the chocolate wafer: unbleached wheat flour. My heart skipped a beat. I kind of freaked out a bit on the inside but I didn’t want to freak Lily out so I tried to remain calm.

“Honey, those aren’t gluten free. Look at the box. Do you see the words gluten free anywhere?” It was a perfect teaching opportunity. We went home, got out the stickers and markers and reviewed how to spell and read “gluten free.” Then we made a DO NOT EAT list of the most common ingredients that contain gluten. I helped Lily spell the words and we hung the poster in our kitchen and now every day she sees the words and reads them aloud.

That night when we lay in her bed, with a towel by her side in case she threw up (which is how she most commonly reacts a few hours after eating gluten, along with a stomach ache, headache and fatigue), Lily said softly, with a smile: “That ice-cream sandwich tasted really good.” I don’t think she ate it on purpose knowing it contained gluten, but she sure did enjoy it. She didn’t throw up that night but the next day she woke up with a tummy ache and head cold. I kept her home from school and we had a tea party, watched a movie, coloured and just hung out as the gluten worked its way through her body. She drank lots of water, had some probiotics and got a gentle tummy massage from her mama. Every time we passed by the poster hanging in the kitchen, Lily read the words. Usually in our family we focus on all the things that you can eat when you’re gluten free. But sometimes it’s got to be about what you can’t eat.


g-free baking with Buddy: hamentaschen

We wanted to make hamentaschen for Purim,

For Purim we wanted to make hamentaschen. We found this recipe from Elana’s Pantry. The photograph looked so good. We printed it out and who did we call? Who else? Buddy (aka Bubby)! The best baking teacher there is, Buddy guides the girls, giving them tips and encouragement along the way, and then lets them do it themselves. She is always there to lend a helping hand and never minds the mess we make in her kitchen.


We used parchment paper on top of the dough to prevent the dough from sticking to the rolling pin.

Buddy made the dough while the girls were at school and chilled it in the fridge. When we got to her hourse, we rolled it out between two pieces of parchment paper.


Then little hands cut circle shapes out of the dough.

Then we cut the dough into circles.


Shaping the dough into triangles around the raspberry jam.

After dropping a dollop of raspberry jam into the centre of each circle, we folded the dough around the jam, pinching the corners to create a triangle-shaped cookie.


That's my very best one.

Lily points out her masterpiece. And into the oven they go!


Impressionistic hamentaschen. Girl, did they taste good!

Impressionistic hamentaschen! Don’t judge them. They may not look as good as the photo that accompanied the recipe, but they tasted heavenly! And we all had a blast making them.


Stay tuned for more baking with Buddy!


j’aime Bunner’s

How sweet it is

How sweet it is


to be loved by you.

to be loved by you.


First, Bunner’s Bakeshop made the “fauxstess” cupcake—its own gluten-free vegan version of the iconic Hostess Cupcake. And now, in time for Valentines Day, their newest creation: the gluten-free vegan version of the famous oversized Treats cookie! Nobody does retro or yummy like Bunner’s.

The cookie made Lily’s day, and she made mine.