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5 things making me happy this week

  Some are gluten free, some have nothing to do with gluten at all.            

she’s come a long way, baby

    We had asked her pediatrician about it at a few appointments. He said there were other children in his practice who had big bellies like this, it would go down. My mother-in-law said, “This is what Robbie’s body looked like when he was her age.” Lily was a super happy girl and rarely complained of tummy aches. Until Christmastime 2009, when for three nights in a row she awoke in the middle of…
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they’ve got the power

  These Power Balls are  one of many easy cleanse-friendly recipes that come in Dr. Jodi Larry‘s handbook for her Cleanse for Life program, which I’ve participated in twice and wrote about here. With spring on its way (please), there’s no better time to consider kick-starting a new, healthy lifestyle. Craving chocolate or something sweet? Pop one of these babies in your mouth! They are a breeze to make, with only 5 ingredients, and are…
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did somebody say poutine?!

  A BIG thank you to Hero Certified Burgers for being a sponsor of the Gluten Free Garage for the 3rd time! We need a Hero!

Canadian Celiac Association is on ECHOage!

    One of my proudest moments as a mother happened a few weeks ago as Franny and I were planning her 6th birthday soirée. After going over her guest list, I talked to her about having an ECHOage party. Truth is, she’s been having ECHOage parties ever since her 1st birthday, but this year I felt she was old enough to really understand what it means and get involved. ECHOage is an online birthday…
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the pink-alicious donuts