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love your gluten-free guts

      We’re happy to have JK Gourmet as a sponsor of the Gluten Free Garage! They sample like crazy at the event so don’t forget to hit up their table!

quinoa gets crisp

      We’re happy to have Lotus Fine Foods as a sponsor of the Gluten Free Garage! They’ll be exhibiting their nutritious quinoa granola at the Neal Brothers table.  

for the gf cookie monsters

    We’re happy to have Gaga for Gluten-Free as a sponsor of the Gluten Free Garage! We hope they’ll be sampling all three varieties of their melt-in-your-mouth cookies!  

almost ate the whole bag

  We’re happy to have Late July as a sponsor of the Gluten Free Garage!   

bread winner

    Soft-boiled eggs with toast soldiers are high up on our list of favourite breakfasts. But not any ol’ gluten-free toast will do. For our kids, it’s Udi’s or bust. Udi’s Whole Grain Bread, to be precise. They’ve tried every gluten-free bread under the sun but they keep insisting on Udi’s.     We’re happy to have Udi’s as a sponsor of the Gluten Free Garage. Come say hi to them on April 28th!

the skinny on enerjive’s crackers

  Enerjive’s Quinoa Skinny Crackers offer a little something crunchy for everyone: Garlic Cayenne HEAT for those who like it hot. COZY Apple Cinnamon for those who like to dunk. Chocolate FIX for the chocoholics out there…you know who you are. Lemon Berry BURST for those who like a little zest.     Made with wholesome natural ingredients and low in sugar and sodium, these crunchy crackers are a guilt-free, gluten-free go-to snack! Oh, and…
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