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GFG guest speaker: Kathy Smart

Kathy Smart—holistic nutritionist and chef, bestselling author, TV personality, founder of Live The Smart Way, and did we mention North America’s gluten-free expert?—is speaking at Gluten Free Garage on Sunday May 28 at 11:30 am! She’s going to reveal the top 5 gluten-free foods you haven’t heard about and why you need to eat them. Then she’ll share some tasty ways to prepare and eat them. Below, she reveals a bit more about herself. 30…
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from the mouth of a gf babe

  A few things about her: She likes to read, draw and swim. She takes dance lessons (hip hop) and plays on a basketball team. She speaks French. She has a younger sister who is the bomb. She loves her tiny dog Chiquita. Her favourite food is rice (brown and white)—in sushi, fried or just plain steamed. Her favourite subject in school is math. She has celiac disease. She was diagnosed when she was three.…
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Marni Wasserman keeps it clean

  5 QUESTIONS for culinary nutritionist Marni Wasserman What’s your motto? Everyone can eat more plants! 3 things you’d bring to the desert island. Sweet potatoes, almond butter and my dog Goji. Why gluten free? It’s so much easier for my gut to digest. Also, when you choose clean, wholesome gluten-free foods they are fun to prepare and build recipes with. The versatility and variety of meals to make is off the charts! What’s your…
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Ashley Wittig, baker boss

  5 QUESTIONS for Bunner’s Ashley Wittig What’s your motto? I don’t really subscribe to any hard-and-fast motto. I just try to be mindful and optimistic every day. 3 things you’d bring to the desert island. Now, if this was a dessert island, I wouldn’t need to bring anything! But for a desert island I would bring my favourite oversized hoodie, my running shoes so I don’t lose my mind, and my imaginary solar-powered Vitamix…
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Jordan Middlebrook holds court

  5 QUESTIONS for celiac advocate Jordan Middlebrook (King Gluten Free) What’s your motto? Own it. It’s just about really listening to your gut and owning what you do or say. Taking the chance on yourself and pushing some of your limits. 3 things you’d bring to the desert island. Popcorn, a flashlight and my daughter. Why gluten free? Celiac disease. :( What’s your go-to gluten-free breakfast? Typically cereal. But, then again, whatever is available,…
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Life’s a picnic with Meghan and Josh

  5 QUESTIONS for nutritionists Meghan Telpner and Josh Gitalis What’s your motto? Meghan: Today is the day! Josh: The best way to get started is to get started. 3 things you’d bring to the desert island Meghan: Assuming it’s a desert island ripe with fruit trees and wild greens: 1. Josh Gitalis 2. A solar-powered high-speed blender 3. A hula hoop Josh: 1. Meghan Telpner 2. A knife (I’m practical like that) 3. My…
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