it’s not called Supermarket for nothing

it’s not called Supermarket for nothing

I’ll start by confessing right off the bat that my amazing husband, Rob, is one of the owners of Supermarket restaurant in Kensington Market. How lucky can a girl be? Not only does it boast some of the most flavourful Asian fusion food in town – including to-die-for fish tacos – it also has a gluten-free menu!

We eat there with the kids all the time. If you ask either of them what their favourite restaurant is, they’ll both say Supermarket (even when we’re not
paying them to say it). And although Supermarket is not a gluten-free restaurant, Lily has never once had any issues with cross contamination there.

Lily’s go-to appetizers:

Hold the Japanese chili spice if you’re ordering for little ones!


Warning: These sweet potato chips are highly addictive!

My go-to appetizer:

Mango salad with grilled tiger shrimp – sweet, spicy and peanutty good!


For her main course, Lily loves the grilled Argentinian steak and, because we have an in with the owner, she sometimes takes the liberty of ordering off the menu (chicken on a skewer).

I’ve eaten everything on the menu except for the meat dishes (I don’t do meat, except for ribs; what can I say, I’m full of contradictions), so as far as the gluten-free options go, I highly recommend:

grilled chimichurri calamari
wok-fried Chinese long beans (for all you spice lovers out there)
chicken or tofu vegetable curry
Thai basil shrimp or chicken (it’s got a nice kick)

And, of course, the fish tacos!


If you have celiac disease or are highly sensitive to gluten, ask your waiter to check with the chef if there could be potential cross contamination from the fryer before you order any of the “crispy” items, like the crispy calamari, fish tacos, Asian fish and chips and sweet potato chips.

Bring the kids for a family dinner, make a reservation for two or come with friends and kick back a few of the famous lychee martinis. If you’re there on a Saturday night, savour every bite and then hit the dance floor (did I mention that Supermarket is also a nightclub?). On Do-Right! Saturdays, DJ John Kong spins a mash-up of funk, soul, disco and hip hop. Eat to your heart’s delight then bust a move!

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