April 10, 2019

pasta lovers rejoice

Gluten-free fusilli with walnut lemon ricotta sauce and peas   We really want to share the recipe for this delicious dish made with our favourite gluten-free pasta. But first, we have some exciting news to share! If you’ve been following Gluten Free Garage for the past seven years or if you’ve been to any of our pop-up gluten-free markets in that time, you know that our go-to pasta is Italpasta. It’s the pasta we use
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February 1, 2019

got the munchies?

  Got the munchies? We’re not judging. From sweet to savoury, here’s what we’ve been stuffing in our faces. 1 Three Farmers Balsamic & Cracked Pepper Roasted Chickpeas. Give (chick)peas a chance. 2 Bar Ape gelato bar. You had me at gelato. 3 Giddy Yo Sweet Vanilla 69% Dark Chocolate Bar. Because chocolate. 4 Almond Butterfly Bakeshop chocolate chip cookie. Pop these frozen treats in your oven and they too will be
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June 12, 2018

gluten-free forever

GFF magazine is offering a special 35% discount for a yearly digital subscription to friends of Gluten Free Garage until August 1st! You can use code GFGARAGE to get 4 issues of the magazine, that’s 180+  recipes and much more, for just $14!   If you’re a gluten-free food lover and you haven’t seen GFF: Gluten-Free Forever magazine, this is your lucky day! GFF  is one of the most beautiful food magazines I’ve ever seen,
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We know we say this every year, but this year’s Gluten Free Garage was truly the best! We couldn’t have done it without our super sponsors. ♥︎  ♥︎  ♥︎ A   H U G E   T H A N K   Y O U   T O : Our lead sponsor Italpasta—hands down the best gluten-free pasta on the market! A GFG sponsor since 2013, this year not only were they a platinum sponsor and brought three different
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Italpasta‘s Ultimate Vegan Gluten-Free Pasta Salad   We are just days away from our favourite event in the city—Gluten Free Garage! And we couldn’t be happier to be supporting the GFG team again this year. If you have attended Gluten Free Garage in the past, you know that our booth is BUSY—and that we’ve run out of plates two years in a row :/  Embarrassing, we know, but it just means that our #glutenfreepastalovers can’t
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  Gluten Free Garage is one of our all-time favourite events! Not only do we get to share lots of yummy gluten-free goodies with everyone, we get to introduce exciting new brands and looks! This year is especially exciting for us, as Neal Brothers Foods turns 30. That’s right, the big 3-0, the dirty thirty, whatever you call it, we’re turning it! We are so happy to be at this point; Neal Brothers Foods has
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