the best fish tacos


This summer I’ve fallen for fish tacos. Hook, line and sinker. I cannot get enough of them. And I’m not alone. It seems like the whole city is having a fish taco fling. Case in point: Many of Toronto’s hotspots feature the fish taco. Playa Cabana, Grand Electric, La Carnita are all serving up their own versions of this SoCal favourite. And so is Toronto’s very own gluten-free food truck, the Gourmet Bitches!

While there are plenty of fish tacos in the city, Supermarket’s version (pictured here) tips the scales…and THEY ARE GLUTEN FREE! (You have to specify that you want them gluten free. Supermarket has a gluten-free menu, be sure to ask for it.)

Lightly battered (in rice flour) crispy white basa fish served on a soft corn
tortilla with cabbage, avocado, red onion, cilantro, Mexican white cheese and roasted tomato salsa. With a generous squeeze of fresh lime, Supermarket’s fish tacos are mouthwateringly delicious and can be enjoyed by all…if you’re willing to share them.