5 things making me happy this week


Some are gluten free, some have nothing to do with gluten at all.

Mango hedgehog

Mango hedgehogs.


The fleeting flowers on the magnolia trees

Magnolia blossoms.


Our nutritional consultation with Sarah Maughan

Holistic nutritionist Sarah Maughan (Empower Your Body with Food). As someone living with a gluten allergy, she really gets it. At our consultation with her, Lily and I both learned so much more about healthy gluten-free eating. We’ve already started to incorporate some of Sarah’s nutritional tips (1/4 lemon in warm water each morning before eating to aid in digestion) and can’t wait to whip up some of her recipes. Happy gut = happy gluten-free girl!


My new books

3 new books by women I admire who are spreading the gluten-free gospel. One of them, Joy McCarthy, was a guest speaker at the last Gluten Free Garage and will hopefully inspire us again at our next event!


Bunners cookies homemade

Homemade chocolate chip cookies from Bunner’s Bakeshop‘s new cookbook AND the news that Bunner’s is opening a second gluten-free vegan bakery in Kensington Market!