Check out this stellar lineup of guest speakers coming to the fall 2014 Gluten Free Garage:

11 – 11:45 am
Ashley Wittig, Bunner’s Bakeshop

Many gluten-free people find breakfast the most challenging meal of the day, yet it’s the most important! In this 45-minute session, Ashley Wittig will do a gluten-free breakfast demonstration that includes recipes from the Bunner’s Bake Shop cookbook. Ashley will bake their Supersonic Granola live and will demonstrate how to make a quick and tasty coconut yogurt breakfast parfait with Supersonic Granola as the base. The room will be filled with the delicious smell of fresh waffles as Ashley walks the audience through the process of making the perfect gluten-free breakfast waffle. This workshop will give you the confidence to start making gluten-free baked goods at home on your own. There’s nothing like a little self-reliance when it comes to making your gluten-free fresh baked good dreams a reality!

12:30 – 1:30 pm
Kathy Smart, Live the Smart Way

Navigating your way through the gluten-free aisles can be overwhelming. Many products are high glycemic and loaded with sugars, causing an increase in your blood sugar and weight. In this jam-packed 45-minute session, you’ll learn how to avoid the marketing ploys so you can choose gluten-free products that are good for your health—and your waistline. Nutritionist and gluten-free expert Kathy Smart will share her strategies for helping thousands of people lose weight without counting calories or points. Once you discover how to pick healthy gluten-free food products to rebalance your hormones and blood sugar, you will experience increased energy, clearer focus and a gluten-free belly…gone!

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2 – 2:45 pm
Marni Wasserman, Marni Wasserman’s Food Studio & Lifestyle Shop

Eating gluten-free does not mean you have limited meal ideas or a lack of what to eat—in fact, you have more! In this 45-minute informational session with Marni Wasserman, you’ll learn how to make easy gourmet meals at home without gluten. Maximize flavour and make the perfect balanced plate of food that will nourish your whole family. Get useful tips on how to plan, prep and prepare a variety of nourishing gluten-free dinners. Understand how to make simple substitutions of common or long-lost favourite ingredients. As a culinary nutritionist and health strategist, Marni will guide you to make the transition to the gluten-free lifestyle easier than you could imagine. If you’re looking for more dinner ideas, you don’t want to miss this talk!

3 – 3:45 pm
Paula Cooper, Dine Aware

Just because you have celiac disease or are required to be on a gluten-free diet does not mean you need to cross the street every time you see a restaurant that is not 100% dedicated. A non-dedicated environment does not necessarily mean an establishment cannot accommodate you. As someone with celiac disease herself, Paula Cooper (CEO, Dine AwareTM) knows firsthand that establishments are just as afraid of you as you are afraid of them. However, with a little information exchange and 5 rules to follow, both you and the restaurant can peacefully coexist. You may even be able to sit down and have a meal together.

The Dine Aware brand has several certifications that teach foodservice staff about how to help the food allergy public make informed choices and create a positive, safe dining experiences. Within these certifications, staff are given 5 Golden Rules of things they should NEVER do when dealing with the gluten-free and food allergy public. These 5 quick and easy rules help staff to remember how to maintain awareness regardless of the dietary restriction. Paula has taken these rules and adapted them for the gluten-free and food allergy public to use as a quick guideline to help make informed dining choices and eat safe. So, stay on the same side of the street. Better yet, go in and give these 5 Golden Rules of Never a try!


Ashley Wittig 233x350 speakers

Ashley Wittig is co-owner of Bunner’s Bake Shop, Toronto’s only vegan and gluten-free bake shop (now with 2 locations!), and co-author of the recently published Bunner’s: Simple & delicious gluten-free vegan treats (2014). @BunnersBakeShop


Kathy Smart 233x350 speakers

Chef and nutritionist Kathy Smart is a leading gluten-free expert in North America, as well as a TV host (Live the Smart Way, the world’s first gluten-free TV show), bestselling author, Chatelaine columnist, Global News health correspondent and guest on The Dr. Oz Show. A multi-award-winning health expert, not only has Kathy’s bestselling cookbook, Live the Smart Way, won several awards but she has also received the Leading Women’s Award from the Ontario government for bringing gluten-free awareness across Canada. With more than 18 years of experience as a nutritionist and chef, Kathy motivates, invigorates and inspires people to live the healthiest gluten-free life through her tips, recipes and passion. @SmartKitchen


Marni Wasserman 227x350 speakers

Simply said, Marni Wasserman’s life is rooted in healthy eating. She is a culinary nutritionist, health strategist and founder of Marni Wasserman’s Food Studio & Lifestyle Shop located in midtown Toronto. This is where she teaches her signature cooking classes and offers collaborative workshops and urban retreats. She is also the author of Fermenting for Dummies and Plant-Based Diet For Dummies. Marni uses passion and experience to educate individuals on how to adopt a realistic plant-based diet that is both simple and delicious. She is dedicated to providing individuals with balanced lifestyle choices through organic, fresh, whole and natural plant-based foods.


Paula Cooper speakers

The road to CEO started with celiac disease. Dine Aware CEO and founder Paula Cooper has created a unique global brand that allows the food service industry to finally adapt to the true needs of the food allergy and gluten-free communities by focusing on proactive service and informed choices. Paula’s goal is to be able to walk down any street in any part of the world and see the Dine Aware symbol and know that the establishment has created a culture of awareness for informed, knowledgeable conversations and cross-contact prevention by ensuring that all staff are trained, 100% of the time. Dine Aware takes the “yeah, yeah, you should be fine” out of food allergy and gluten-free food service and replaces it with trust and confidence. @DineAware


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Gluten Free Garage: Part III was pleased to bring you 3 fantastic speakers and topics for our guest speaker series! Our speakers covered a variety of topics related to healthy gluten-free living. There was something for everyone!

Click on the links below to view the guest speaker sessions.

Ricki Heller

Joy McCarthy

Maggie Savage