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it’s (a) live!

The new Live in Liberty Village

One hot day in the city, this little girl went to Live Market in Liberty Village.


And the sign said...

Little sister to Live Organic Food Bar on Dupont, the bright Liberty Village eatery is part cafe and part grab ‘n go, serving prepared items (salads, wraps, etc), food you can order at the counter (bowls, burritos, etc), bottles of fresh pressed juices, gourmet coffee and a selection of artisanal products—all vegan, organic and most importantly gluten free!


The girls were feeling the heat.

The girls took a seat while mama browsed.


It made our day that Augie's Gourmet Ice Pops were in the freezer. Juiciest popsicles ever!

Augie’s Gourmet Ice Pops are in the house! Some other faves include: Sweets from the Earth frozen cookie dough, Bunner’s Supersonic cookie, Stasis Preserves, RawFoodz salad dressing and Chocosol dark chocolate.


These wraps are a game changer!

Wrapper’s delight! We bought Live’s flax and corn tortillas for our breakfast burritos: scrambled egg and cheese with avocado.


Caption goes here

Ezra’s Pound teamed up with Live to bring the best espresso in the city to Liberty Village.


Refreshing Tonica Kombucha.

Lily refreshed with naturally sparkling Tonica Kombucha. She’s mad for mango passion!

it’s Fiesta time!

Running out to my local grocery store to pick up a few things. Look who's here!

We ran out to our favourite local grocery store this week to pick up a few things. Look who’s here!


Inside the store, it literally is a gluten-free fiesta!

Fiesta Farms is literally a gluten-free fiesta! Besides the incredible whole foods and fresh organic produce, the selection of gluten-free fare is something to party about. Here are just a few of our fave GF products available at Toronto’s largest independently owned grocery store.


Antipastos Kitchen's new line of frozen pastas.

Delicious authentic Italian frozen pastas from Antipastos Kitchen.


Sunflower Kitchen's hummus, pestos and soups.

Sunflower Kitchen‘s hummus (we basically live on it), pestos and soups.



Nud Fud's raw, organic, gluten-free snacks. (Goji Energy dipped in peanut butter rocks our world!)

Raw, organic, gluten-free snacks from Nud Fud. (Goji Energy dipped in peanut butter rocks our world!)


A variety of delectable, nutritionally dense salad dressings from RawFoodz.

A variety of delectable, nutritionally dense salad dressings from RawFoodz.


Saigon Soul Foods' best spring rolls on the planet, best accompanied by their roasted garlic plum sauce.

Saigon Soul Foods‘ crunchy spring rolls, best accompanied by their tangy roasted garlic plum sauce.


JK Gourmet's grain-free granola.

JK Gourmet‘s yummy grain-free granola.


Gaga for Gluten-Free's melt-in-your-mouth cookies.

Gaga for Gluten-Free‘s melt-in-your-mouth cookies.


What's a fiesta without Neal Brothers' salsa?

And what’s a fiesta without Neal Brothers‘ savoury salsas and tortillas?


We are double happy to have Fiesta Farms and Neal Brothers as sponsors of the Gluten Free Garage! 



love your gluten-free guts

We baked these

We baked these banana chocolate chip muffins today with JK Gourmet’s almond flour muffin mix. They were amazingly moist and, I’m going to use a word here I don’t use too often, scrumptious! We were off to The Mike Chalut Show on 103.9’s Proud FM, gluten-free goods in hand.


Lily, aka the GFG muse, made her radio debut with Mike Chalut on 103.9 Proud FM.

Lily, aka the GFG muse, in-studio for her radio debut with the handsome Mr. “Love Your Guts.”


We felt bad we didn't bring Mike's favourite— poutines—but he was thrilled with his muffin and his GFG bag.

We felt kind of bad that we didn’t bring Mike his favourite— poutine—but he was thrilled with his muffin and GFG bag. Tune in to Foodie Friday on 103.9 Pride FM!


We’re happy to have JK Gourmet as a sponsor of the Gluten Free Garage! They sample like crazy at the event so don’t forget to hit up their table!

quinoa gets crisp

We picked up this bag full of gluten-free goodness at Fiesta Farms.

We picked up this bag of organic gluten-free goodness at our favourite neighbourhood grocery store Fiesta Farms. But we had no intention of eating it for breakfast.


We took this recipe for crisp off of the Lotus website.

Instead we made a delicious juicy crisp with apples and raspberries!


And we dug right in!

Why didn’t we think of this sooner?! For the recipe, click here.


We’re happy to have Lotus Fine Foods as a sponsor of the Gluten Free Garage! They’ll be exhibiting their nutritious quinoa granola at the Neal Brothers table.